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Bilinda Butcher Spinning in video


for My Bloody Valentine

Untitled EP aka 
You Made Me Realise 

(only released in UK)
You Made Me Realise
Cigarette in Your Bed
Drive It All Over Me
I Can See It (But I Can’t Feel It)
Lose My Breath
Colm’s Song [aka (When You Wake) You’re Still in a Dream]
Feed Me With Your Kiss

Recorded September 25th. Played on BBC on Oct 5th. (Bootleg only)

Feed Me With Your Kiss
EP (only released in UK)
Feed Me With Your Kiss
I Believe
Emptiness Inside
I Need No Trust
Feed Me With You Kiss
EP (Polygram)
You Made Me Realise
Feed Me With Your Kiss
Emptiness Inside
I Need No Trust

Released by Polygram in Canada, this 12” contains three tracks each from the two previous EP’s. On vinyl and tape.

Soft as Snow (But Warm Inside)
Lose My Breath,
Cupid Come
(When You Wake) You’re Still in a Dream
No More Sorry
All I Need
Feed Me With Your Kiss
Several Girls Galore
You Never Should
Nothing Much To Lose

Free 7” with first 5,000 copies:

Instrumental 1
Instrumental 2

Unreleased tracks from 1988:

Good For You
(eventually released on Ep’s 1988-1991 in 2012)

How Do You Do It
(eventually released on Ep’s 1988-1991 in 2012)

Catalogue Magazine Flexi


This low-fi track was done quickly specifically to accompany The Catalogue magazine and was initially only released on a flexi in the February 1989 issue.

Tracks Recorded in 1989

Released on Tremolo EP in 1991

Moon Song

Released on Ep’s 1988-1991 in 2012


Unreleased - Bootleg Only

Just Like Us (aka Kevin Song):

Initially included with promotional versions of EP’s 1988-1991 in 2004, Shields removed it after being unable to find the master tapes to remix it, as he was unhappy with with vocal. Bootleg only.

Released on Ep’s 1988-1991 in 2021

Untitled (Possibly titled What Can You See)

Released on an updated version of Ep’s 1988-1991 in 2021 as an unlisted track (track 12) on the second disc. This transitional track again shows the influence of Hip-Hop and Dance Music. It’s easy to understand why it wasn’t released, with the band knowing they were capable of so much more. Soon would be a much more realized and elegant integration of these elements made possible by his new attitude toward utilizing the studio beginning in the second half of 1989 upon returning from the Isn’t Anything tour.

discography-2008-release picture

Ad from 2008. Promotional copies from 2004 would feature four unreleased songs including 'Just Like Us' which has since been widely bootlegged. None of the CDs were ultimately released in 2008 due to a problem with reproducing the art, according to one rumor. 

Unable to get Shields to release anything recorded at Blackwing as a new single for their upcoming tour in support of Isn’t Anything, McGee released this interesting promotional 12” in the US on Relativity to promote the tour. McGee wanted to release “(When You Wake) You’re Still in a Dream” as a single. Shields refused knowing they were already past that point.

US Promotional 12” (Relativity)
Soft as Snow
Feed Me With Your Kiss
(When You Wake) You're Still in a Dream
Instrumental (aka Instrumental 2)
Ecstasy and Wine
(Lazy 12” and CD)
Strawberry Wine
Never Say Goodbye
Can I Touch You
She Loves You No Less
The Things I Miss
I Don’t Need You
(You’re) Safe in Your Sleep (From This Girl)
You’re Got Nothing
(Please) Lose Yourself in Me

Two earlier releases for Lazy Records (the Strawberry Wine Single and Ecstasy Mini Album) were combined and released by Lazy as Ecstasy and Wine without the band’s consent or knowledge. Despite reports to the contrary, the version of ‘Strawberry Wine’ is practically identical to the previous version released on vinyl and has a slightly different wave form possibly due to new mastering for the CD version or was mastered within a few minutes of the previous version as they are essentially identical. 

Don’t Ask Why
Off Your Face
Glider EP Remixes (Vinyl only)
Glider (full length version)

Released again, but in a digital format, on EP’s 1988-1991 as a bonus track. The first track on the EP, ‘Soon (Andrew Weatherall Remix)’, is considered Andrew Weatherall’s creation and did not appear on any MBV releases other than this 12".

And - also recorded in 1990 

Don’t Ask Why (remix)

Released in 2021 as an unlisted bonus track on EP’s 1988-1991. It was most likely mixed in 1990.

discography-glider image

Rumors suggest that's either Bilinda and Deb or Deb's girlfriend and Deb posed for the image on the cover of Glider. 

discography-only-shallow-single image

This CD was included with Les Inrockuptibles magazine in a blue Loveless cardboard sleeve. It is often referred to as Only Shallow single although it was never sold to the general public.

To Here Knows When
Honey Power
Moon Song

This seven song EP has three untitled segues, one of which is cut off from the 12” vinyl version. Seven titles would have made it unable to qualify for the charts as an EP.

Only Shallow
To Here Knows When
When You Sleep
I Only Said
Come in Alone
Blown a Wish
What You Want

Only Shallow promotional cd single

(Sire, US Only)
When You Sleep promotional cd single
(Sire, US only)

Distributed by Sire/Warner Brothers in the US to radio stations and other outlets, these two promotional CD singles contain no additional tracks and were not sold to the general public.

Only Shallow promotional single
Only Shallow
Instrumental (No 2)
discography-story-of-creation image
The Story of Creation 
(VHS Video, Sire)
Soon (video edit)

At around three minutes and fifteen second, the song was shortened significantly for the video down from seven minutes. The track was never released in edited form other than to accompany the video, and represents one of the only accommodations Shields ever made to the marketplace. An alternate edit discovered in the Warner Brothers archive was four minutes and thirty seconds. The VHS tape also features the other three remarkable videos Angus Cameron did in collaboration with My Bloody Valentine and videos he created for Primal Scream and Ride. More on Angus Cameron in my book. 

Peace Together 
We Have All The Time in the World
(written by John Barry and Leslie Bricusse)

This cover of the James Bond movie theme from On Her Majesty’s Secret Service, recorded for a Northern Ireland charity, was their first release for Island Records. Tengentially related FYI: The excellent lyrics by Leslie Bricusse are indicative of his lifetime of great work including 'Pure Imagination,' 'The Candy Man,' 'Goldfinger,' and 'You Only Live Twice.' 

discography-peace-together image

FYI: Also features a lively remix of the lead off song Be Still with a noteworthy Liz Frasier vocal and one of the better tracks by Curve. And check out the cover by the Young Disciples of a lost five star Stevie Wonder song, Bad Weather, which he gave to the Supremes in the mid-1970’s during his most prolific period.

discography-whore image
Map Ref 41° N93

This song was recorded as part of an all Wire covers compilation. Deb Googe would leave the band, calling Kevin to inform him, after dropping off the tape to this song at Island in late 1995. More specifics and context in the book. 

To Here Knows When
(Live at Fuji Rock Festival ’08)

This is the only live track the band has officially released. The track was only available as a digital download through Apple Music. A professionally shot video exists of the band performing the song and turns up on the web occasionally. Reliable sources indicate that the whole concert was professionally shot although it has not been released or bootlegged to my knowledge.

discography-light-shines-in-your-dream image

Ep’s 1988-1991 (CD Only):

All 17 songs from all four Creation EP’s are included in remastered form. These seventeen tracks have yet to be remastered for vinyl.

Bonus Tracks never before released:

Good For You (Recorded 1988)
How Do You Do It (Recorded 1988)
Angel (Recorded 1989)

Other bonus tracks included and remastered but previously released.

Instrumental No 1
Instrumental No 2
Glider (full length version)

Remastered from original tapes.

Loveless  2CD Remastered Set

Disc 1 is taken from the 1630 digital video cassette used for the original CD issue in 1991.

Disc 2 is taken from a ½ Analogue Tape that Shields was unable to use in the past. Improvements in technology allowed the guitar and other elements to be placed correctly in the stereo image.

She Found Now
Only Tomorrow
Who Sees You
Is This and Yes
If I Am
New You
In Another Way
Nothing Is
Wonder 2
Isn't Anything 
fully-analog vinyl version)
(fully-analog vinyl version)

These true all analog vinyl editions were prepared for the first time by Shields and released on My Bloody Valentine’s home page. Early orders received a test pressing of Isn’t Anything from one of three pressing plants that were auditioned. Shown are the labels from the 2021 Domino reissue. The spines on the 2018 versions just say MBV 02 and MBV 03, respectively, making them easy to distinguish from earlier copies, which should all be trashed except original pressings from 1988 and 1991. 

discography-isn_t-anything-fullyanalog image
discography-dominolabel2018 image

If the shrink wrap with the sticker and ISBN number (as seen above) has been discarded, the album can only be identified by looking at the credits in the gatefold. Heino Leja cut the digital version while the fully analog version lists that it was mastered from 1/2" analog tape and  Andy Savours is mentioned

The band signs a contract with independent record company Domino who released all previous music available on their website in addition to the items below.

EP’s 1988-1991 (2nd Edition)

Re-released with two added songs on disc two, which are unlisted.

Untitled (Possibly titled “What Can You See”)

Likely recorded in 1989, possibly from the second aborted EP. 

Don’t Ask Why (remix)

Recorded and mixed in 1990.

Loveless and Isn’t Anything are released in Hi-Resolution versions on vinyl. 

These second new vinyl editions are pressed from uncompressed hi-resolution digital sources. (24bit/96kHz.) The fully-analog versions initially released in 2021 feature an X or S at the end of their catalog numbers. (159X or 159S), while the more recent hi-res digital cuts lack the X or S (158, 159). The catalog numbers on the spine do not always correspond to the stickers on the front as seen on the left and above. 

Catalog made available for streaming.

MBV also made all songs from 1988 forward available for streaming for the first time. Some services also stream tracks from Ecstasy and Wine, although it has never been remastered or repressed in any format.

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