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Unauthorized Biography of Kevin Shields

Forthcoming Book 

Turn My Head into Sound - Coming Soon!

This site is devoted to recounting and keeping up with the work of Kevin Shields both through his main outlet, My Bloody Valentine, and as a solo artist. This site will also preview information and chapters in my Kevin Shields biography. I'm still exploring the best way to publish the book, but the manuscript is finished. The book is not a collection of quotes, but a proper narrative (unauthorized) biography backed up by over eight hundred endnotes taken from approximately five hundred sources, including new interviews from those that worked with Shields in the studio and at Island. It is a thoughtful look at this brilliant iconic musician and the arc of his story to date. If Loveless is all you know, you're missing 80% of his story. If My Bloody Valentine is all you know, then you're missing 40% of his story because his other work as solo artistproducer, guitar player, and remixer outside of MBV is often every bit as affecting as his work with MBV. Besides his important work, his interviews reveal him to be one of the most thoughtful and articulate musicians since Brian Eno, but with a rare vulnerability. I believe he will make anyone who reads the book rethink their relationship to music, language, noise, and our shared consciousness. You will understand  sound in a whole new way and understand his ability to capture transcendent moments. 


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