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Updated: Aug 22, 2023

The Creation Stories movie came and went and it has two brief appearances by the band which aren't of much consequence, but they certainly merited a mention. Notice the striped shirt on Shields in the top picture is similar to one he and Colm often wore at various times. That's Ewen Bremner as Alan McGee with his fist raised in the air as they play "You Made Me Realise."

actors as MBV in creation stories movie

actors playing kevin shields in creation stories

Actors playing Kevin Shields and Bilinda Butcher in Creation Stories movies. That's supposed to be Alan McGee at the door, being locked out of the sessions for Loveless. There was a sort of misunderstanding as Shields was homeless at the time and considered the studio his home so he didn't want anyone just coming around to hang out at his "home". But McGee was offended as he was paying for the sessions. That's McGee played by Ewen Bremner in the background knocking and not getting in. I sincerely doubt it went down like this with them ignoring him to his face. More likely someone watched the outer door and told everyone they were not welcome.

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